A Synthesis, Easy For Me

I found that writing a sysnthesis paper was easy for me. After easily being able to write summaries from my first writing assignments, adding my opinion was very easy. And I love to give my opinion on things that I feel strongly about. That is why I chose to write about what some would call “The Dumbest Generation”. This is based from the book by the same name as well as other articles by various scholarly writers. I found some of their opinions to just be facts thrown out as part of an agenda; these people were just trying to push their ideas on others, when in my personal experience, the Internet has helped me learn many things I did not know, and also holds my attention much longer than a book or lecture.
Through this paper I feel that my writing has matured even a little bit more from what it was previously.


The Future of American Education

People feel that American education is in a downward spiral. Many compare our education system to other countries. My research will look into how America can improve its education and provide a better future for our children. The money involved in American education is already massive. The total amount invested is over $972 billion dollars, only to have our children ranked lower than countries who invest much less money.
The writer Leah’s blog believes that more attention must be paid to students, that it must be more of an interactive experience than a “this is how it is” environment.
Science Teaching eProfile states that American education has improved over the past several decades and has more room for improvement.

I learned that there are many people who agree with my opinion, that it is going to take more investment of time than it will money to help the future generations who pass through the schools we once attended. my research will aim to show what can be done make a bright future possible for these generations.


Researching American vs. Chinese Education

This has always been a big debate, China surpassing the U.S. in terms of how smart their children are.
The research I have found so far, from only a few sources, is very promising. There will be many sides to research into and narrow down a specific topic. The main controversy surrounding the education in our two countries is through cost and effectiveness and how Americans should go about fixing their damaged education system. My position on these controversies is that you cannot really compare two countries education systems to one another, and that it should not matter what country has better educated children, but who is more motivated and confident they can succeed. I may not be perfect or the most educated, but I have the will to strive to do the best I can and one day run my own engineering firm, either consulting, or contracting for large companies. My plan to learn more information on these topics is to compare statistics/reports from the U.S. Department of Education and the Chinese Ministry of Education to argue how you cannot compare another countries style/type of education to another, no matter the size or intelligence of said countries.


Just a few blogs I found to be interesting….

The blog by Conservativeczech takes aim at the President’s speech on the American Jobs bill. I like the originality in summarizing the speech the way they did in this blog post. It combines irony and satire together. The author could try to be less biased and research to see if the Presiden’t has really “waited two years to do anything about jobs” instead of attacking someone who is in one of the most difficult positions in the world. Not many people could handle being in the shoes of President Obama in this current crisis.

The AdamBomb Sports posted a preview of the Chicago Bears for this season and what they will need to do to win. They state that the Bear’s offense likely does not have the spur to win games and the only way is if the defensive season is a great one. Their summary of the Bears is unbiased and straight to the point. The Bears are my football team, and I was interested to see if other people agree with my ideas on the outlook for the season. The blogger could use more detailed explanations and predicitions for the season rather than focusing on individuals.

BitterHarvest speaks about the downgrading of the credit rating of many major American banks and how lobbyists affect our government. Our economy and government are a very important thing in the lives of all Americans and this is why it interested me. The author uses a very detailed article for background, but only presents their opinion and could use more facts they have found to support their opinion and possibly convince others to follow it.


Peer reviews: they help me and you

I feel that doing a peer review helps get a fresh pair of eyes on a paper. You have been working on a paper for hours or days, so much that you may just not notice a large flaw in your paper. It helps me to see anywhere I can improve my work, and I know it helps others.
At times we may question or be angry at what someone says about our paper, we must eventually come to realize that they are most likely right.
The comments I received mostly said that I had a lengthy summary and to shorten it, and after reading through I may trim some of the information I have provided in it.
I hope that I also helped those whose papers I reviewed to make their paper better and improve all of our chances at the highest grade we possibly can.


A Heated, Passionate Speech About American Jobs

Yesterday President Obama gave a very heated speech about the need for the creation of jobs and what he believes it will take to make this happen. The phrase “pass this [jobs] bill,” came up many times in the president’s speech. The President believes that the “American Dream” is withering, not due to the will of Americans, but the unwillingness of its politicians to act across party lines and come to an agreement. He believes that his “American Jobs Act” will put more people back to work, and more money in their pockets. It will also provide tax break for the hiring of new employees. The proposed bill will cut payroll taxes in half for all Americans and small businesses. In the video it is also stated that the United States currently has over two-million unemployed construction workers. This bill will help employ these workers through road construction. These workers will also renovate over thirty-five thousand schools. Obama proposes that a independent fund be made which will loan out money based on two criteria. These criteria are how badly improvement is needed and how much good it will do for the economy. He hopes the fund will attract private dollars. The idea for this bill came from bi-partisan agreement. Obama claims this bill will also bring thousands of teachers in every state back to work. The bill will also give tax credits to employers who hire veterans and those who have spent more than six months looking for a job. Obama explains how the bill will not increase the deficit, but be paid for with trillions in cuts. It is stated in the video that Warren Buffet makes more than his secretary, but is taxed much less. The President hopes to create jobs right here in America with this bill. He states that it is the time to end tax breaks and loopholes for oil companies and billionaires. Obama says it is time to do what is right for our future and that these are real choices.

The reason I say that Obama gave a very heated speech is due to the fact that his passion is very easily recognizable. I can tell this is something the President cares about greatly. Obama is right in saying that our government, namely Congress, need to step up their game and work to help those who they swore an oath to help. The American people; not their own wallets. In order to revive our economy and bring it to grow again we must create jobs in our own country as Obama stated in his speech. We can only come through an economic crisis like this as a country, not through the help of others. America was founded to be the land of dreams for anyone willing to put in the hard work. The government needs to work to cut money as proposed by Obama, and help the American people become to strong, proud, hard-working people they once were. In his speech, Obama talks about wanting to see Ford, Chrsyler, and Chevrolet vehicles being driven in countries around the world. This was the most moving part of his speech in my eyes, he stated he wanted the three proud words, “Made in America” to appear all over the world. I agree with Obama’s choices and decisions with this bill. Time will only tell if it will pass, and if it will be effective.


An Objective Summary and I

This weeks assignment of writing an objective summary of an essay was somewhat challenging. Especially on obesity; a topic that affects so many people in our world. It was hard to keep my own bias from the summary. The essay I chose to summarize was “What You Eat Is Your Business” by Radley Balko. I read through the essay mutliple times to get a better, more clear understanding of the author’s views on obesity. I came away with a better understanding of how to remain neutral on a subject that you have a strong opinion about.